Travel websites don't take us where we want to go, according to a new survey of online services. The travel sector was found to the worst offender when it came to failing to deliver on user requests.

When it came to queries over flight destinations, refunds and visa information, holiday and airline websites could average only one answer out of ten, with 40 per cent unable to answer a single question online.

Things got worse when customers had to send an email to gain information. According to the findings, it took an average of 66 hours to get a response, with one site taking 149 hours to respond. Compared with one year ago, travel companies are taking 24 hours longer to reply to email.

'Holidaymakers looking for information online are facing long delays even before they set foot in the airport,' said Davin Yap, CEO, of Transversal, the Cambridge-based developer of e-business services that is behind the survey. 'We were amazed to find that despite highlighting these issues last year, little has improved and in many cases travel websites
have gotten worse. These results show that the travel industry's move online is at the expense of customer service.'

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