Events are the travel-specific intent signals that the Facebook pixel captures when a user performs an action on an advertiser’s site. These events include: - Search: A user performs a search for a specific location - View Content: A user views a specific hotel - Initiate Checkout: A user begins the booking process - Purchase: A user completes a booking This data allows advertisers two extremely important abilities: 1. Retargeting Audience Creation: DAT events fuel the ability to create audiences based on travel-specific intent signals. These events are at the core of understanding the advantage of DAT over DPA for travel brands. 2. Dynamic Values for Relevant Ad Copy: The Facebook pixel also captures parameters tied to a user’s preferences, such as check in-check out date, hotel city, and number of travelers. These values can be inserted dynamically in DAT ad copy to increase relevance and incentivize potential customers. Get the full story at Koddi