This tribe of travellers, which was one of the six we identified in our recent report Future Traveller Tribes 2030, takes full advantage of relaxing and pampering themselves while on vacation, with the assurance of their safety and enjoyment. Our survey also found that U.S. travellers are looking for rest and relaxation above all else. They are most eager to unwind from their lives on vacation. Of those surveyed, 45.4% of respondents agreed that the favourite part of their most recent trip was unwinding from the feeling of being overworked, which they preferred, versus engaging in pursuits of adventure, culture, or enrichment. This was reiterated with 42.7% saying that their guilty pleasure is to flip the “off switch” when in-flight – a trend especially true for travellers aged 55-64 with 49% saying they prefer to switch off while vacationing. Get the full story at Amadeus