What emerges from the latest survey is that CEOs are now taking personal responsibility for directing and inspiring innovation as it becomes an ever more vital element of business survival and success. How companies innovate is also being transformed. Companies might once have been satisfied with incremental product improvements. Now, they’re increasingly looking for breakthrough developments in their business models and the solutions they provide for customers. The problem is that while the eyes of the CEO are fixed on innovation, the body of the organisation may not be following. The ‘antibodies’ that inhibit innovation include a culture that sees it as separate from the mainstream operations of the business and is slow to commercialise new ideas. The days when innovation was the preserve of research and development (R&D) units at the sidelines of the business have gone. Successful companies recognise that innovation is a mainstream process, which brings together frontline teams, customers and a range of different partners from beyond the organisation. At the heart of these developments is the realisation that how you innovate determines what innovations you deliver. Download the full report at PWC (PDF 516 KB)