How many employees are allowed to buy their own laptop online and then ask IT to configure it? These items can cost less than a business trip, yet the purchasing protocols are mandated. The reality is that what is being called Managed Travel 2.0 is really Unmanaged Travel 2.0 in that we are taking a step backward and bypassing all of the protocols and technologies that were developed at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars and saying, "It's OK to skip all of this and go out and surf the web to find the bookings that meet your needs." You can then (voluntarily) send that info into our expense system and all is good. Sorry, folks. This concept will increase travel costs, increase productivity costs and lose valuable data, from both a risk-management and a supplier optimization standpoint. What we need is Managed Travel 3.0, a world where booking via the approved channel and booking preferred suppliers at a company's negotiated rate is mandatory in order to be reimbursed. Then and only then will our industry have the discipline that exists in so many others to control the purchasing behavior of the employee who is spending the company's money, not their own. Get the full story at Business Travel News