As upscale properties intensify the competition to differentiate themselves from one another, they are starting to add high-tech video game equipment to the list of amenities they provide.

Hotels have long offered at least some video games, but they were often embedded in the hotel's TV entertainment system as part of the same technology used to deliver movies, music and things like on-screen check-out menus.

But because game technology can change so quickly, that left many hotels tied to out-of-date equipment, such as clunky joysticks connected directly to the TV, as well as a stale rotation of yesterday's video game.

Adding gaming options to the standard room is tricky because fast-changing technology and gear can make it particularly difficult for large chains to keep up with the latest offerings. It's also hard for hotels to gauge demand.

As a result, boutique properties are often early adopters: By virtue of their smaller size, they have been able to adjust more quickly.

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