China's outbound travelers, whose annual numbers are expected to grow to 100 million by 2020, from about 80 million last year, are big on urban hotels providing access to nearby beaches and/or shopping areas, Cornell University's Center for Hospitality Research revealed in a report released last month. As for destinations, Europe and North America are the two regions where Chinese are most likely to increase visits, followed by Australia, according to the report, which cited responses from 51 China-based tour operators that specialize in outbound travel. The results disclosed in the 26-page study are relevant to both travel professionals and lodging operators because China will account for the world's largest number of international travelers by the end of the decade. China's annual outbound tourism spending has quadrupled since 2005, to $85 billion, while the country will produce 25 million first-time travelers a year. "Although Chinese outbound tourism is still in its infancy, the market is growing rapidly into a large, sophisticated group of consumers that is having ripple effects on hospitality industry around the world," Cornell reported. Get the full story at Travel Weekly