Possible factors include economic uncertainty in the continent, coupled with a new U.S. president who is unpopular in several European countries. But it’s hard to say what combination of things, if any, is keeping Europeans away. Europe is an important inbound market to the U.S., said Douglas Quinby, VP of research at Phocuswright, and Europeans spend a lot of money when they visit the U.S. Following the election, Phocuswright surveyed European travelers to learn if their perception of the country had changed. “You don’t normally have such high-profile or emotionally charged contentious issues that could have such a direct impact on travel and tourism and perception of the U.S. abroad as (we had) this election,” he said. According to a survey Phocuswright conducted in December 2016, the majority of 1,500 British, French and German travelers surveyed said the election would have no influence on their decision to travel to the U.S. While some responded the election results would make them more likely to visit, 18% of travelers from the U.K., 20% from France and 32% from Germany said they would be less likely to travel to the U.S. Get the full story at Hotel News Now