According to the research, more than half of respondents said they plan to put more dollars into their loyalty programs next year. Almost half (44%) of all respondents said they will somewhat increase loyalty budgets, and 13% plan to significantly. Meanwhile, a mere 4% said they anticipate lowering investment. In anticipation of having more dollars to play with for loyalty programs, marketers should think critically about what areas of their programs may attract increased participation rates. In a summer 2015 survey from Maritz Motivation Solutions, 43% of loyalty program members said the top reason for joining in summer 2015 was because of their desire to earn rewards. Meanwhile, 31% said it was because it required a low effort to sign up. In fact, in another related study from October 2015, Colloquy uncovered that 81% of those who joined a loyalty program said they continued to participate because it was easy to understand. And 75% said they stayed because the rewards and offers were relevant to them. Get the full story at eMarketer Read also "The big tech drive to encourage hotel loyalty" and "Hotel loyalty programs growing members faster than engagement"