Too many consultancies and agencies equate Customer Experience Management (CEM) with User Experience. They are not the same.

User Experience, or "Usability," is focused on the interface discipline of CEM. It is used primarily in reference to the analysis, design, and/or development of human-to-technology interfaces.

User Experience is an important part of CEM, but like Experiential Marketing, it's a part of a much larger whole. User Experience architects focus on creating functional, intuitive interfaces (online or systems applications and technological devices) that enable customer interaction and transaction. CEM practitioners focus on the comprehensive interaction of customers in both online and offline channels.

Contrary to popular belief, User Experience is both an art and a science that requires a complex array of skills. Individuals who "do" usability can't possibly embody all those skills—although if you find any rare individuals who do, you should pay them a mint!

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