A 1% difference in the rate only had a small impact on the selection rate of Suppliers. Only when there was a 10% difference in price did the selection rate begin to even out. Themes that surfaced in areas of Supplier preference included better treatment, better customer service, price matching, and the assumption that booking direct would lead to more upgrades. Users that showed Supplier Preference would often mention bad experiences with OTAs, and assumed that booking with an OTA would be more expensive in the long run, result in worse service, get them into a lesser quality room, or cause other issues with their booking. In OTA preference, users cited better selection, deals, and better rooms for the prices. They often would call out that the OTA they chose was a trusted brand and in many cases cited recent TV ads as a source for that trust. Some users felt that they would get a better room as a result of booking with an OTA. Get the full story at Koddi