An advertiser’s keyword list will determine the cost, size and reach of his advertising account. However, many new online marketers are unsure where to start when selecting an effective list. Will very broad keywords bring too many untargeted customers to the site? Will keywords that are too specific not bring in enough traffic? Unfortunately, there is no rule book for selecting the most effective keywords, but thoughtful selection and ad creation can help to develop a cost-effective campaign.

houghtful keyword selection is the tool that puts your product in front of the most targeted searchers. Writing enticing ad copy that sticks out on a page can bring a great ROI, but not if it finds its way in front of an audience that isn’t ready to buy, or worse yet, no audience at all. Inch per inch, the place where an ad appears on a search engine’s results page is some of the most expensive real estate in the world. As with any large investment, research, investigation and testing will ensure that your advertising dollar is well spent.

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