Selling room upgrades is a vital tactic for generating incremental revenue and filling unused inventory. Most websites that I’ve visited attempt to outline the advantages of better rooms, be it through size, view, bed type, floor level, amenities or a combination of these elements. But once the consumer purchases a specific room type, how do you entice them to spend a little extra to get something even better than what they’ve already confirmed? While there’s the age-old approach of prompting them either through a pre-arrival email or phone call, or once they are physically at the front desk, many hotels are trying something new. Several chains now utilize programs that immediately offer all confirmed reservations a standby upgrade rate, typically at a discount versus the full upgraded cost. These programs can be quite effective in generating further revenue from participants. After all, ten bucks more for that better room (versus double that on the rate card) is better than nothing at all. Get the full story at Hotel Online