Just showing up in your potential customers' search results is the easiest way to use Google for free advertising. To show up in the first page or two of results, you'll need to optimize your website to achieve the highest ranking possible. You may already be aware that you need to spend some time getting the right keywords on your website and increasing your "link popularity." But you might not have known that Google looks at the first block of text it encounters on your web page and uses that for the few lines displayed about your site on search result pages. So if you want to get listed and also catch the eye of your customers, make your first paragraph of text count: To be most effective, it should be roughly 300 words with about 8 percent of them being keywords.

Google's spiders constantly index web pages, and it's impossible to predict accurately when they'll visit your site. If you've paid attention to optimizing your site for search, then they will crawl your pages. However, you can't be sure that they've indexed all your web pages--they might index just part of your site during a single visit. And since they start at the top of a page and work down, they might not even index the entire page before moving on!

One thing you can do to increase the likelihood of your entire site getting "spidered" is to submit your site to Google Sitemaps. After submitting your site, Google creates and stores an XML file that allows for instant updates and indexing whenever your site's content changes. This is like having your own data cable running from your computer directly to Google.

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