Leisure travelers now account for the majority lodging demand (that's just one of the reasons why Saturday night is the busiest night of the week in hotels, motels and resorts across the land), and the facilities and services they seek in lodging accommodations are understandably different from those sought by business travelers.

Amenities, the things that make one property more desirable than another or one brand more marketable than another, obviously influence hotel selection in a big way. But the darlings of the amenity wars have changed quite a bit in recent years: personal care products in the '70s, frequent-flyer mileage and concierge floors in the '80s, complimentary breakfast and premium movie channels in the '90s, and complimentary high-speed Internet access and flat-screen television sets today. So which of these are truly valued by leisure travelers? According to our just-released "2006 National Leisure Travel Monitor," the most desirable hotel attribute is simply value for the price.

Location and room rate weigh in next, followed by previous experiences with both the hotel and the brand.

Interestingly enough, the industry's recent focus on the introduction of more comfortable bedding has heightened consumers' interest in this feature of lodging accommodations, and significantly more leisure travelers now consider this attribute more influential in hotel selection than the property's brand name.

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