Vertical Booking CRS 3.0 has already been implemented for a number of hotel clients, with full client adoption expected by December 1, 2014. Version 3.0 gives the entire system a facelift, with a clean and streamlined graphical user interface. Always an innovator, Vertical Booking designed a custom interface for each system user to drill down to only the specific tools they need to access on a regular basis. This new feature, called My Menu, allows managers to simplify the CRS for basic users, or customize their dashboard to reach the features they need quickly. "My Menu is already an asset to my team," said The Marlin Hotel's Manager, Daniela Garcia. "Each user can pre-define a simplified menu of shortcuts on their dashboard. It's like each of us has our own personalized system to log in to." As one of the most anticipated features of the release, the new dashboard allows users to change rates and inventory directly upon log-in. Managers can also monitor and analyze data from extranet channels through a series of advanced graphs and tables. Sales are broken down through a variety of indicators, including channels, country of origin and even lead-time. "It's a great feeling to know that our clients are already benefitting from the recent enhancements," said Vertical Booking USA's Client Service Manager, Rebecca Ramsey. "Upgrades to the length of stay discounts and upselling tools are the most advanced I've seen, making it so simple for hotels to implement sophisticated revenue management strategies." Vertical Booking, a global reservation technology provider serving 2,500 chain and independent hotel clients, just recently expanded operations to North America. Founded in 1999, Vertical Booking is present in 57 countries, translated into 26 different languages and usable in all currencies. Related Link: Vertical Booking