VirtualTourist's new map application, called Mapster, is the first of its kind. A customizable world map on which users can easily mark countries they have visited, resided in, and wish to visit, this Facebook application is the first internet travel map with the synchronization functionality to automatically update across numerous websites when edits are made by the user.

There are a plethora of new applications out there, but Mapster leads the charge with its unique capability as a one-stop shop," says J. R. Johnson, CEO and co-founder of VirtualTourist. "Users can take full advantage of its functionality across the Web -- whether it be on Facebook, MySpace, VirtualTourist, or their own blogs -- and then any changes and updates they make to their map are pushed out to every website that hosts their map."

VirtualTourist's Mapster can be created on and Facebook. Customized maps can then be quickly exported for viewing to any Web page that allows HTML coding.

This Facebook application's versatility has made it a hit with initial users. "I have diverse interests, so I spend time on several different websites," says Los Angeles resident Kimberly Fisher. "One of the best things about Mapster is its synching feature, how it links up with all of my favorite sites. I love that it automatically updates on Facebook, MySpace and VirtualTourist anytime I add a new location."

According to Johnson, launching this new free-of-charge Facebook application makes perfect sense for VirtualTourist. "Many of VirtualTourist's web-savvy travelers also have a Facebook account, and those on Facebook who are not already on VirtualTourist can take advantage of a cool new tool to share with their online friends, without any strings attached," he says.

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