The big news last week for Virtuoso, which held its 25th Virtuoso Travel Week at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Aug. 10-16, was a new website, set to debut in October, which will serve as a portal for Virtuoso customers, Virtuoso member travel advisors and Virtuoso preferred suppliers. The revamped website also will feature customer reviews of Virtuoso preferred supplies and travel advisors. But the luxury travel network also unveiled plans for a number of other initiatives in the coming months. First, Virtuoso will launch a new Virtuoso “Black Label” client segmentation program, though that may not be what it ends up being called, according David Kolner, Virtuoso’s senior vice president-consumer group. The idea is to treat the network's best customers differently, recognizing that 10 percent of Virtuoso's customers drive 54 percent of its sales, said Kolner, who spoke at a seminar for the group’s global partners. Kolner said Virtuoso is creating a program through focus groups that aims to retain and increase sales from Virtuoso members’ existing best customers. It also wants to acquire more of such customers for its members. The focus will be on how Virtuoso preferred suppliers can treat these customers with recognition and more choice, how Virtuoso travel advisors can be better trained to serve such customers, and how to brand the new program, which will be unveiled officially early in 2014 at Virtuoso's regional meetings. Get the full story at TravelPulse Read also "Virtuoso names best of the best in luxury hospitality"