International luxury travel network Virtuoso is answering the question on everyone's minds: what are the hottest upscale destinations for this year's holiday season? Acknowledged as a prominent trend predictor in the industry, Virtuoso has sourced data from its warehouse of more than $35 billion in transactions to disclose the top destinations for the coming fall and holiday period. Luxury travelers are remaining true to European favorites, while turning their attention to warmer climes as the weather shifts at home. They also are seeking out more exotic locales worldwide, including a boom for African countries. The Virtuoso Top 10 The most popular fall and holiday travel destinations based on future bookings. 1. Italy 2. France 3. United Kingdom 4. South Africa 5. Spain 6. Mexico 7. China 8. Australia 9. New Zealand 10. Israel Get the full story at Virtuoso Read also "Virtuoso enabling consumer hotel bookings in October" at Travel Weekly