The business travel industry can change a lot in seven years. To wit: In 2006, the industry was flying high from strong demand, unaware of the global economic meltdown looming two years over the horizon. Concur was just an expense reporting company, at least until it acquired the Outtask booking tool that year. Continental Airlines existed. So did Northwest. And not a single business traveler carried an iPhone or an Android smartphone, much less a tablet. While there doubtlessly were prescient individuals who correctly predicted the enormous effect those smartphones would have on business travel management starting the following year when iPhones were first introduced, most observers in 2006 would be shocked to peek seven years into the future. Few would have expected the ubiquity of smartphones among business travelers and the countless travel-related apps they spawned. They'd probably be less surprised at some other developments. Airline consolidation in 2006 certainly seemed possible, even likely. The rosters of mega travel management companies and the large multibrand hotel companies of that year largely are the same as today. And few would be caught off-guard by debates that continue today between airlines, global distribution companies and TMCs—some of which wound up in court. Get the full story at Business Travel news