I’m sure there are Keyword Planner power users out there, but I’d like to think I use the tool the way most people do. That is, I get keyword ideas and a sense of CPCs to be able to make a rough budget estimate, maybe do some slicing and dicing based on geotargets and devices. If you do more than that, congratulations, you’re a power user in my mind. If you are like me, Google wants to show us how to get more out of the tool, starting with an AdWords Community post published Thursday. “We’ve heard your feedback that this limited view of search volume makes it difficult to plan new Search Network campaigns. In these cases, we recommend taking advantage of the forecasting feature in Keyword Planner.” This is where Keyword Planner gets confusing (right from the start). When I read the statement above, I assumed Google was referring to the “Plan your budget and get forecasts” section of Keyword Planner, but it refers to the forecasting features available after you “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category.” That’s good, because that’s usually where I start anyway. Get the full story at Search Engine Land