Operating in more than 200 countries, booking.com is a website that allows vacationers to book hotels or guesthouses. TURSAB sued the Dutch-based site on the grounds that it created an environment of unfair competition, didn’t pay taxes and continuously increased its commission. While it is rumored that TURSAB will resort to similar practices against companies such as Spain’s expedia.com, Germany’s trivago.com and the United States’ tripadvisor.com, hotel managers and owners are disgruntled. According to newspaper reports, the head of the Bodrum Professional Hotel Executives Association (BOYD), Serdar Karcılıoğlu, defined the banning of booking.com in Turkey as “hara-kiri.” He claimed there was no other country like Turkey in the world that has shot itself in the foot in such a fashion. “While tourism professionals are struggling to survive, they have received a major blow,” he said. Get the full story at Hurriyet Daily News Read also "Turkey blocks access to Booking.com"