washingtonpost.com launched of its new Business Travel section featuring original content aimed at frequent flyers from The Washington Post, along with content from Conde Nast?s Portfolio magazine. The new section, which complements the current Travel section, provides research tools and information to benefit and prepare business travelers before, during and after the trip.

?Many of washingtonpost.com?s readers are professionals who are likely to travel with their companies, so it was important for us to develop a section that catered specifically to those readers,? said Jim Brady, Executive Editor of washingtonpost.com. ?We have created a niche page that can serve as their primary information source for last minute details or long-term plans.?

The Business Travel section provides a comprehensive and user-friendly domain with articles and features aimed at readers who are on-the-go. Through its partnership with Portfolio, washingtonpost.com readers are provided with a wide range of content, from where to find the best deals while you?re in town to the beating the travails of airline travel. Regular features, like Joe Brancatelli?s ?Seated 2B? column from Portfolio and the Post?s ?Coming and Going? section, combine to create a well-rounded experience for travelers.

?The unique blend of content from both Portfolio and washingtonpost.com?s Business and Travel sections create a valuable resource for readers who travel frequently for work,? said Nancy Kerr, Assistant Managing Editor of Features, washingtonpost.com. ?Because their schedules are already hectic, it is important to provide them with a concise, yet comprehensive place to stay informed.?

In addition to content aimed at business travelers, the new section features travel search powered by Sidestep, as well as a WiFi locator, powered by JiWire, that searches for hotspots worldwide.

Lufthansa is the section?s exclusive launch sponsor.

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