International corporate and incentive travel to New York City is experiencing a small rejuvenation this summer. The city's destination managers reported increased interest from overseas travelers, owing to a weak dollar and a thawing political climate. The challenge, they said, is finding exciting, low-cost activities for budget-conscious travelers in a city known more for its luxury than its bargains.

According to NYC & Co., formerly the New York City Convention Bureau, the city received an estimated 1.2 million international visitors between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year—an 8 percent increase from 2004 levels. International visitors to the entire United States increased only 3.5 percent during that period, a disparity that didn't surprise those in the business.

The continued weakness of the U.S. dollar, they said, is making America's cities irresistible, and New York has added some economic incentives of its own. For example, the city, already among the world's top shopping destinations, no longer charges sales tax on clothing under $110, as of Sept. 1.

"People are very budget-conscious these days," said Ina Lee Selden, president of destination management firm Manhattan Passport. "The weakness of the dollar is hard to resist."

"We got hurt this fall with corporate incentives because the government was threatening to do those digital passports," said Selden. "People have so many choices these days, they decided they weren't going to spend another 10 bucks for another passport."

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