Marketing experts at the Internet World event have argued that Web 2.0 technologies and paid-for search placements are vital for firms hoping to develop more successful web sites.

In his keynote speech Richard Firminger of Yahoo Search Marketing warned that sites that cannot quickly be found via search engines would alienate potential customers.

"It's important that you build on your own brand so if someone is looking for you they can find you," said Firminger. "A search engine optimisation strategy is an important complement to paid-for marketing [so that it's] as easy as possible for customers to find you – they will have a negative experience [of your firm] if they can't."

To optimise their search marketing, Firminger advised businesses to firstly focus on their best-selling products and then list as many relevant search terms as possible. He also advised firms to work with advertisers to ensure that the copy describing their products and services is regularly updated on search engine sites.

"If you want to drive people to your web site who want to buy your products… search is the answer," Firminger said. "It should be simple to put a powerful campaign together online – it's not rocket science." Businesses with a web presence should also investigate mobile search marketing – which operates on a similar business model – as the technology could reach a market potentially twice the size of that currently found online, he added.

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