A majority of marketers are not familiar with the term "Web 2.0," and of those who are only a third are using Web 2.0 tactics, according to a recent survey of marketing professionals by MarketTools' Zoomerang division.

The study, conducted in early November, asked 400 U.S. marketers on Zoomerang's Web-based panel several questions about "Web 2.0" in order to separate buzzword hype from marketing reality. The survey found that, while relatively few respondents are familiar with the concepts, or are employing Web 2.0 tactics, most of the ones that are doing so are having success.

"Our benchmark survey indicates that Web 2.0 is in the initial phase of adoption and implementation by marketers," said Dana Meade, general manager of Zoomerang. "However, given the success reported by vanguard users, we expect to see a sharp increase in the use of second-generation Web tools and techniques by marketers across a wide array of industries."

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