So you've identified the most important behaviors on your site. One of them is some sort of conversion funnel. Now what? The conversion funnel could be five steps to purchasing a pair of shoes or booking a trip. It may be a lead conversion funnel that drives people to request more information or sign up for a Webinar.

The key is breaking down the conversion process to determine where opportunities are and why people don't continue to the next step. When analyzing a conversion process or funnel, you must understand the overall conversion is made up of a series of microconversions. At each step in the funnel, site visitors make one of three decisions:

- Continue to the next step in the funnel. This is the desired behavior.

- Leave the funnel and go to other content on the site. In many cases, these people seek more information, often to support their buying or conversion decision. Most will end up leaving the site without converting, but some may reenter the funnel process and complete it successfully.

- Exit the site altogether. Obviously, we've lost our chance to convert or cross-sell people on this visit. In addition, if they leave the site, we can't get them to convert on secondary goals or other desired behaviors outside the primary funnel.

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