Ultimately there is one golden rule in Web psychology that you have to follow, and it takes this form. Number one, research your audience. It doesn't matter who they are, research who they are. That means that you can do things like on SurveyMonkey or some questionnaires. Qual and quantitative stuff is brilliant. Find out, do your research, and that will form the foundation for your online endeavors. Number two, once you've got your research, test your hypothesis. If you know that your research shows you that these are 18 to 30 year old hipsters in Shoreditch and they're likely to like these sorts of preferences and they have this cluster of personality traits, create something and test that hypothesis and see if it pans out. Third and final step, analyze your results and evolve accordingly. Okay. Well, that's pretty much it. So then you just repeat the cycle, and if there's ever a gap in your knowledge, go back to the first point and do some fresh research. Get the full story at Moz