Spring was in the air in March as more Americans logged onto Web sites for help in getting ready for vacations and enjoying the warmer weather, according to comScore Media Metrix's monthly analysis of consumer activity at top online Web sites. Top categories include travel, genealogy, training/education, religious, sports/outdoor retail, classifieds and auto Web sites.

"Spikes in these categories are a clear indication that consumers are preparing to enjoy warmer weather and beginning to plan for holiday, spring and summer vacations," said Peter Daboll, comScore's CEO. "Additionally, this month shows undeniable growth within the online classifieds category, which grew an impressive 35% from last year, and 13% versus last month. Notably, properties such as Craigslist.org have exploded since last year (up 155% since March 2005), an indication that online classifieds continue to draw attention from their print counterparts."

In addition, many consumers logged onto travel-related Web sites in March to make plans for holiday, spring break or summer trips, comScore said. More than 6.8 million Americans visited car rental Web sites, up 22% from February. Nearly 10 million consumers clicked on to ground transportation and cruise Web sites, up 17% over February, while 32.9 million visited hotel and resort sites, an increase of 13% for the same period.

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