As hotel distribution gets more complex and more expensive, properties rely on their loyalty programs to incentivize their most profitable guests to book direct. The problem for many brands and owners, however, is that those loyalty programs are harder to differentiate if they’re tied to points systems and use static discounts off a Best Available Rate. The solution Duetto has developed is Personalized Loyalty Pricing, a process for incorporating every loyalty member’s behavior and spending patterns, segmenting those guests into greater numbers of loyalty tiers, and then dynamically reinvesting part of each customer’s worth in a flexible, members-only room rate. These exclusive, individual offers are available only on a hotel’s direct channel, ensuring that guests will get the best rate but not running afoul of rate parity agreements with online travel agencies. “All hotels are feeling the pressure to control their acquisition costs, and a differentiated loyalty program is one of the best ways to encourage guests to book direct with the hotel, not an OTA,” Benvenuti said. “But if the program looks like every other hotel’s, and it’s just applying a steep discount to every member’s rate, that won’t help your hotel. With Personalized Loyalty Pricing, every loyalty offer is yielded according to each member’s worth to the property, and the special rate can be flexed up or down depending on demand for that stay date.” Click here to register for the free webinar and live demonstration