In April next year, Australia-based online travel agent Webjet will launch PlanIt, an online service for travellers. Chief executive David Clarke says the company has invested about $1 million developing the service and the same again on marketing.

PlanIt will allow travellers to store their travel budget, share their travel plans with friends online, upload photographs, link to Google Earth and all of Webjet's travel and booking services. It will also provide TravelVault, a secure and encrypted environment where users can store personal information such as passport numbers and spectacle or medical prescriptions, which they could access when overseas and download on to a memory stick or portable storage.

Mr Clarke says the service would be offered free to Webjet customers in April and generally available for a fee later in the year. "This puts us right at the beginning of the travelling," he says. In return for the service Webjet retains the right to market to users based on their PlanIt profile, although it can't on-sell that information to airlines or other companies. Contents of the TravelVault remain private.

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