Change is upon us. New entrants are disrupting the norm, creating the need for signi cant innovation and heightened di erentiation. Established players in Managed Travel are transforming themselves strategically and operationally in a bid to compete e ectively in a virtual, digital and mobile marketplace. This Amadeus paper sets out to provide insight into what Amadeus has termed Managed Travel 3.0. It will address both the technology trends that are shaping traveller and industry alike and the players in the Managed Travel ecosystem and their evolution potential. The leading travel management companies (TMC) will set out their view of Managed Travel 3.0 and how they are preparing themselves for the new norm. Now is the critical moment for TMCs to re ect on the path they will take. Managed Travel 3.0 is here: it is all about the corporate citizen, the interaction and the experience Managed Travel can create. The future is bright and is set to get brighter for corporations, corporate travellers and their travel management companies. Download the whitepaper at Amadeus (PDF 864 KB)