Here are a few trends to consider for 2015: 1. Conscious spending will influence millennial vacation picks Gone are the days when millennial travelers book the cheapest fight to the beach to drink themselves into oblivion during their week of freedom. Instead this group of travelers spends time hunting the Internet for travel opportunities that will render their experience as exploratory instead of favoring the typical tourist track. In the next twelve months we'll continue to see an uptick in spending for customized vacations that offer authentic local experiences and vacations with a social responsibility angle such as staying in eco-friendly properties or asking if hotel restaurants cater to specific dietary needs and environmental practices. 2. Doubling your Fitbit goals on vacation Setting and tracking fitness goals is moving beyond your daily life in a big way. The outpouring of wearable tracking technology aimed at following fitness, sleep, and healthcare goals by balancing hours sitting at your desk and getting up to move became popular in 2014. As we continue to increase our life-work balance, travelers are aiming to increase their healthy goals on holiday. Fitness tracking junkies will look to try and double their goals on vacation by exploring cities via borrowed bicycles, renting Stand up Paddleboards instead of sitting to sip margaritas on the sand, or taking advantage of the numerous hotel wellness offerings that are emerging (see below). 3. Taking a picture with your mind Documenting every second of your life on social media has become the norm, but Dr. Linda Henkel of Fairfield University has warned of the 'photo-taking impairment effect' where you outsource your memory of an experience to an external device instead of experiencing it first hand. In the past few months, Pravassa's wellness travelers have opted to put away their camera phones and make an effort to engage more in an activity instead of just photographing it for later. This had led our travelers to have richer vacation memories and experience emotional benefits such as stress-reduction as they no longer have to worry about capturing a shot. More people will opt to put away their digital devices in 2015 and make a true connection. Get the full story at The Huffington Post Read also "Hotel Wellness Programs Can Boost ADR and Valuations Without Breaking the Bank" at Hospitality.Net