“This is a way to introduce the older generation to Internet music in an easy way,” an eMusic spokeswoman says, noting that eMusic and Westin target a similar demographic of consumers.

Westin’s more than 125 hotels will offer guests a gift code that enables them to log onto WestinMusic.com, which is a part of eMusic.com, to download songs at no charge for six months.

EMusic, which competes in the Internet download music space with such companies as Napster and Apple’s iTunes, commissioned Richard Gehr, a specialist in international music, to design special music songtracks for Westin, covering classical, jazz and other genres intended to appeal to mature consumers. Westin Hotels will play these soundtracks in hotel lobbies and other areas, in addition to making them available for free downloads through online gift codes.

While the hotel chain expects the music offerings to build loyalty among its customers as they carry the Westin Music soundtracks home on their personal media players, eMusic expects to convert the hotel chain’s guests into long-term subscribers. “We’re hoping they like the music they hear, and that they’ll then subscribe to eMusic.com,” the spokeswoman says.