Some fliers feel more spiritual while flying. Others just feel weary and stressed. Westin Hotels & Resorts has released results of a study of business travelers and told what it's doing about it.

International Communications Research interviewed more than 500 business travelers who, on average, took more than 20 business trips over two years including some abroad. It found that 42 percent feel more spiritual and even closer to God while flying, but 55 percent reported sleep deprivation and 77 percent said they feel like their lives are in the hands of others and 34 percent report feeling lonely on the road.

rcent said they have taken flights while feeling sick and a fifth of those said the flight exacerbated their symptoms. A third of those surveyed said they have an acute illness diagnosed by a doctor that requires ongoing care, such as diabetes, asthma or depression. This struck a chord with Westin management, which reports that an average 934 Westin guests each month contact hotel staff to seek medical attention.

In response to the study results, Westin said Thursday it launched a travelers' renewal program at 20 hotels including fruit, hand purifier and water in the lobby to help keep guests hydrated and, elsewhere, green tea, aloe, pineapple sorbet and hot chicken soup.

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