Even an integrated dashboard that provides detailed cross-channel data around spend and results typically yields zero insight into causation or correlation of attribution. We’ve yet to master that science. Looking at omnichannel from a campaign-outward perspective is hopelessly misguided. If you ask any direct marketer what they rely on to enhance their targets, they’ll tell you the best data comes from regression analysis on conversions. It’s the most reliable way to uncover what’s working - and what they need to be doing more of and test against. So, what if omnichannel wasn’t about pushing out marketing, but instead about regression analysis by purchase channel? Each purchase maps back to one individual person in one household. Therefore, if we look at where people make purchases by channel, and then append data about the product segment and what level of consideration the purchase required, we’ll have some incredibly useful data about that buyer and that purchase. Get the full story at Marketing Land