Entrepreneur contributing editor Ashlea Halpern has been traveling full-time with her boyfriend for two years, staying in more than 70 Airbnbs around the globe. Each offers insight into why some hosts stand out while others fail. Based on her collective experience, here are seven ways to thrive. 1. Don’t launch until you’re ready. We’ve seen so many places like this: The dishware and throw pillows are new, but there are no pots in the kitchen and the bed is a sleep-deprivation device. I’m sure our hosts were eager to recoup their investment, but they’ve rushed to market before their service was ready -- and now they’ve disappointed their earliest customers, who are going to alert future ones. There’s a reason Broadway shows have previews and restaurants do soft openings. Imagine if these Airbnb hosts let their friends stay over for a few days and took the feedback to heart. Get the full story at Entrepreneur