Instead, guests are relying on digital technology more than ever to find and book hotels, and the most successful hotels, and those pulling market share away from their competitors are the businesses effectively leveraging these digital technologies. There are three things that you as a hotelier should be doing in order to maximise your presence online, and therefore remain competitive against other hotels in the area: A strong presence on a mobile device Mobile websites need to be developed and organised differently to conventional websites. Developing a strong mobile website takes work, but it’s an essential effort to make. Consider this; currently 8% of all online bookings are made through mobile devices. And more data from SiteMinder’s free eBook ‘How to diversify your hotel’s distribution strategy’, shows that this number is escalating rapidly. It’s predicted that by 2018, the number of bookings via mobile will be closer to 38%. In real terms, that means that without a strong, compelling mobile website you’re giving up on over a third of your customers within the next three years. That’s a sure-fire way to shrink, not grow, your market share. Alternatively, with a compelling mobile website, you’re going to pick up a lot of business from those who aren’t investing in mobile technology. Get the full story at SiteMinder