Throughout the year, Sojern facilitates panels of hotel and travel industry experts to discuss the latest challenges hoteliers face and how to tackle them. The most recent panel took place in NYC and was moderated by Kurt Weinsheimer, Sojern’s SVP of Property Solutions. It featured two hotel experts: Daniel Tennant, General Manager of Hotel on Rivington, and Michelle Murphy, Team Lead of Paid Search at Milestone Internet Marketing. Here are some of the conversation highlights (edited for clarity): How are you cultivating relationships with your customers through all the changes in the industry (e.g., tech and OTAs)? Michelle: We want to make sure that we’re there and that we’re also there on the right devices. I was sitting in the airport and a man had a tablet in one hand and a cell phone in the other, switching back and forth between the two. People are going to be doing research on so many different devices, you want to make sure that you have ads on all these different devices and that you can track them and engage. Daniel: On our end, we’re pulling and aggregating a lot of that information to understand what the guest is looking for. The more “pure” and direct that booking is, the more information I have at my disposal — be it social, phone numbers, etc. - which gives me the ability to track the lifetime of that client. Get the full story at Sojern