Expedia came to India almost two years ago but it now plans to scale up its India operations and that too in a big way. Why India - Significant market size: The Indian travel market is projected to be $22 billion by 2012, of which $7 billion is expected to be online. - Promising growth prospects: What’s even more fascinating is the pace at which Indian online travel segment has been growing, from a mere $295 million in 2005 to almost $6 billion in 2010, at a staggering rate of over 80% year-on-year. The trend should continue well into the future due to rising disposable income levels, higher standards of livings and a younger demographic where almost half the population is under 25 and eagerly looks forward to exploring the increasingly interconnected world. - Increasing Internet penetration to favor online travel: Asia-Pacific has a significantly lower market share of online travel in the overall travel market at 24% compared to US at 40% and Europe at 36%. The increasing Internet penetration contributes much to the steep growth expectation in the online travel market in India. Get the full story at Trefis