In the race to win the hearts and minds of business travellers, hotels are continually trying to outdo each other by offering the latest gadgets and services. Complimentary BlackBerry handsets, Internet broadband facilities and even techno-butlers, who greet executives with a laptop in one hand and a software package in the other, are available for executives on the move.

But could these well-meaning hoteliers be missing the point? Many business travellers are on a whirlwind tour of meetings and social engagements when they’re away from the office and crave just one thing at the end of the day – a good sleep.

“The hotel industry is a business which is centred around a bed and sleep, yet this is often the most neglected part,” said Imran Mahmoo, 35. “But if I’ve got a trial starting at 10am and I haven’t slept well, then I’m useless. You can forget wi-fi and laptops, I just want to sleep, so an executive in charge of that area must be a good thing.

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