Hoteliers that wish to learn more about Facebook Home’s impact on the hospitality industry should pay close attention to statements from Lee McCabe, Head of Travel at Facebook. McCabe was hired in 2012 to define what Facebook products mean for the travel and hospitality industries. Since then, Facebook has introduced two promising products for hotels: Graph Search and Local Search (previously Nearby). Local Search allows users to find businesses near them at any given location, and Graph search allows users to obtain personalized search results based on friends’ interests and recommendations. Both products do not scrape the Web for reviews or ratings. Instead, your results are determined solely by mentions in your friend network. Once these two products have been integrated into Facebook Home, the hospitality industry will have to consider a new type of review site. Some users will continue to use traditional review sites like TripAdvisor, while other users will prefer to trust their friends’ collective opinion on Graph Search. In the latter case, a four star hotel in my friend network could only be a three star hotel in yours. If Facebook Home gains traction, the hospitality industry must set out to understand how friends and acquaintances influence our lodging decisions, and, most importantly, how to gain the trust and loyalty of one friend group at a time. Get the full story at the Revinate Blog