One email to Business Travel News, from a meetings consultant who preferred not to be named, said early conversations with buyers indicated they would encourage use of other hotel chains. But that response sounds eerily familiar. The past two years have seen the hotel industry, or at least its largest players, move somewhat in unison to adopt policies that corporates say harm their programs. Most recently, Marriott and Hilton adopted stricter, 48-hour cancellation policies across their systems. Corporate travel professionals said the policies would encourage business travelers to take their business elsewhere. But how are programs supposed to avoid two of the largest hotel chains in the U.S.? Furthermore, where are they supposed to go when other hotel companies follow suit? InterContinental Hotels Group later adopted a 24-hour policy, and Hyatt Hotels Corp. adopted a 48-hour one. Get the full story at Travel Weekly Read also "Marriott cutting commissions on group bookings"