While many brands and marketers have become immune to Facebook’s frequent algorithm updates, it’s still a good idea to understand them. To help you do that, we’ll break down these recent changes and how they might impact you. 1. Improving the experience for people with limited content Before this update, users with a smaller group of friends, or fewer liked pages, would see a limited amount of content. Facebook prohibited multiple posts from the same source from appearing in the News Feed. This update now allows users to see more than one post from the same publisher in their feed. 2. Content from Friends supersedes content from Brands Users complained they missed important updates from close friends. This was especially critical for those with large networks due to the amount of content flowing through their News Feed. With this update, items such as photos, videos, status updates, or links from closest connections will appear higher in the feed so there is a higher likelihood you will see them. Get the full story at Vertical Response