One of the challenges of Big Data is assessing what information is really worthwhile to marketers. The survey found that the greatest percentage of respondents, 71%, were interested in adding predictive analytics around the lifetime value of customers to their customer data profile—figuring out who would be their best customer going forward, and perhaps even how best to target that customer. Over half of respondents cited a more general interest in developing a more fleshed-out online customer profile and an ability to put that profile to work. Other responses suggest simply moving various types of data outside of the silos where information is amassed would be a boon. Forty-five percent of marketers wanted to integrate customer service feedback into their customer data profile. Social media data continues to be useful to a good chunk of marketers, with 42% wanting to include it in the customer profile. Integrating order history into the customer profile was also cited by 20% of marketers. Get the full story at eMarketer