“It took everything to get this hotel off the ground,” says James McBride, founding partner and CEO of Nihi Hotels. “It wasn’t just one thing. It was everything. It was digital ads, PR, print, word of mouth,” he adds. However, social media was undeniably a key, essential piece for Nihi Sumba’s success. “We’ve been on Instagram since 2013. One of our biggest initiatives was a strong Instagram push in the early days of that network. We had Instagram influencers before influencers were common. Just hacking into the power of that network and thoroughly understanding it has been a big part of our success,” he says. “The reasoning behind such a strong push with Instagram influencers,” says James, “is you have to experience this place to understand what it’s all about. This property is so unique and tribal in nature with an animus culture. As much as you explain that to people, they can’t possibly understand. They need to see it,” he adds. Get the full story at Tambourine