Though the pace at which units are being added to Airbnb has slowed, the growth in instantly bookable units has increased this year by more than 76.1%, from 923,990 units in January of 2017 to over 1.6 million units active instantly bookable listings today. Instant Book is a user-friendly process because travelers can skip the chit-chat with the property host and have a room, or a property, instantly ready for their trip. This will encourage more people to use Airbnb to quickly secure a place to stay. Airbnb will begin operating more like an OTA (like or Expedia where you can immediately book online). It also allows a pathway for hotels to list their properties on Airbnb — there are currently over 75,000 hotels listed on Airbnb (this is compared to Expedia’s 367,000 and’s 471,000). It’s likely the number will continue to grow. Get the full story at The Online Citizen