Before brand managers start jumping out of windows to avoid being yelled at by your bosses who can't understand why people would be allowed to do this (and I'm sure they will), Google has built in some controls. First, there's an algorithm that determines which comments are more relevant and moves them to the top of the sidebar. Of course, exactly how relevance is determined has yet to be explained (and probably never will be), leading to yet another SEO (define) type battle, where "experts" duke it out over whether they can get your comments to the top of the heap.

Sidewiki also includes a number of social features, including one for voting on a comment's usefulness and another for reporting abuse. According to the "report a policy violation" page, "abuse" is defined as being spam, illegal content, or content that advocates hate or violence. The same page warns users, however, that "just because you disagree with someone's point of view does not mean it violates any policies" and urges users who think that the comments may infringe on their copyright to file an official Digital Millennium Copyright Act complaint. Yeah, good luck with that.

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