While understanding key hotel booking trends is important, it’s just as important to know how to leverage these trends into day-to-day hotel revenue management. One example comes from Expedia, which recently invested in Alice, a guest experience platform that promise to improve the hotel booking experience. The goals of Expedia and sites such as Clé Privée are to streamline the booking process and optimize internal hotel operations to boost guest satisfaction. This focus on guest experience comes at a time of disruption in the industry, with sharing economy stalwarts such as Airbnb challenging hotels to provide service-based differentiation. A good lesson to learn is to offer more mobile-friendly hotel booking options, such as richer room information with high resolution photos and interactive 3-D animations. Emerging technologies are also useful for guest communications, with innovative new workflows including booking rooms via text message and online concierge services. Get the full story at Sabre Hospitality