As with most of the previous mega-trends we’ve already experienced (mobile apps, free wifi, one-click booking) the concepts usually start in the retail space and expand into hospitality and other industries. While the transition of these technologies from retail to the hotel industry may still be a few years off, there are still some key values hotels can take away in order to better understand the evolving needs of hotel guests. Amazon originally changed the retail shopping game when it introduced new, more convenient ways to shop. Fast shipping, one-click purchasing, and membership accounts skyrocketed their business over the last several years. Over the years, they learned that customer convenience is the ultimate way to influence purchase behavior and increase revenues. Now, with Amazon Go, the ease of online shopping is paired with the in-store grocery shopping experience, providing an unprecedented level of convenience for their target consumers. Implementing a strategy with convenience at the helm similarly benefits hotels looking to increase ancillary revenues. Begin by identifying and removing obstacles during each stage of a the buying cycle. In the discovery phase, ensure guests know about the services available by using effective forms of marketing. For instance, sending a text message to your guests elicits a higher open rate vs. email. Later on in the buying cycle, seamless methods of purchase are of greater importance. This includes mobile-friendly sites, in-app purchases, and various accepted forms of payment. Get the full story at TrustYou